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Bible Studies

Who is Jesus?  What does the Bible really say about him?  There’s a wide array of opinions out there.  Was he a philosopher, moral teacher, religious activist, political reformer, the Lord and Savior?  Come to an Investigative Bible Discussion to take a look at the real Jesus. Whether you’re new to Christianity or have been a Christian most of your life, or even if you're just curious, you are welcome to visit one of these weekly discussions. We welcome different opinions, seek to listen respectfully to everyone, and welcome honest questions!

NOTE: Times and specific locations may change, so be sure to contact the group leader(s) by clicking their name below to email them.

Men's Bible Studies


Mondays at 7:30p in the Findlay Commons
Contact: Nick SmarttDalton Strite, Cade Wilbert

Wednesdays at 7:30p in the Findlay Commons
Contact: Colton Barth, Connor O'Sullivan


Mondays at 8:20p and Wednesdays at 7:15p in Runkle Hall
Contact: Zach Christman, Joe Johnson, Nick Scarpitta, Spencer Sterner


Mondays at 7:00p - Location TBD
Contact: Matt Chiarello, Jeehoon Park

Wednesdays at 7:30p in the Pollock Commons
Contact: Tanner Cosgrave, Nate Stein


Mondays at 7:00p - Simmons Lounge
Contact: Jared Knorr, Matt Hewes

Wednesdays at 7:00p - Location TBD
Contact: Chris Compton, Rob JohnsonPaul Pietrinferni


Mondays at 7:00p - Hamilton Hall
Contact: Roman Pero, Zach Shober-Fernback 


Thursdays at 12:15p in HUB 111
Contact: Dan Hall, Kyle Hamilton

Mondays at 5:45p - Location TBD
Contact: TJ Renninger, Gordon Szabo

Women's Bible Studies


Mondays at 7:00p - Location TBD
Contact: Taylor Kauffman, Janelle Muller, Cece Pritts

Wednesdays at 7:00p in the Findlay Commons Lounge
Contact: Felicia Gater, Kaylie Niehls, Catherine Trexler


Mondays at 7:00p in Holmes Hall Lounge
Contact: Emma Lafty, Kate Wetzel, Jess Wright

Wednesdays - TBD
Contact: Allison Dombach, Madi Urich


Mondays and Wednesdays - TBD
Contact: Kaitlin Lovejoy, Kaitlyn Moore, Emily Rosenfeld



Mondays at 7:00p in TBD
Contact: Shannon Campbell, Sarah Thompson, Sara Sohmer

Mondays at 8:00p - Atherton Hall
Contact: Christianna Otto, Kelly Park, Rose Sharp


Wednesdays at 8:00p - Location TBD
Contact: Adi Dorsey, Tammy Georgewill, Madi Wenger

Thursdays at 4:45p in Thompson Hall
Contact: Sarah Fox, Amy Shober-Fernback


Day / Time - TBD
Contact: Maddy Holderman, Talia Potochny